Thursday, January 15, 2009

Child Abuse

My parents came for the BCS National Championship game. I came home from work one day and my child was dressed in this horrendous outfit!!!!
Because I love my mother, I allowed it. But I softened the ugliness with these classy socks.
Don't worry, on January 8th, she was dressed appropriately.
PS. As you can see, we've done some serious work in our kitchen. This is a preview. There will be a much lengthier blog about this soon (aka when everything is done).

Ahoy matey!

What better way to ring in the new year than in a place you wish you were all the time?! We headed down to Cudjoe Key with the Fritz family again.

The nursery

She wasn't too fond of the life preserver but once the boat got going and the bouncey seat got rocking, she was out. Who knew a bouncey seat was such an important piece of boating equipment!!!Future love match? Addy looks pretty happy with the situation!

One of my favorite sights.

Old friends

Kelly had a great time catching up with Randy, Stewart, and Arthur while we were in Jacksonville. These guys used to carpool to elementary school together. It was lots of fun hearing them talk about things they did as kids.

Christmas 2008

We spent Christmas in Jacksonville with the Barnett family this year. Its always exciting to be around Rhett and Bradley, especially after Santa arrives.
I just got a new lens for the camera so hopefully we'll have less red-eye and blurriness in 2009.
Serious drool monkey.
Checking out the Christmas tree with Dad.
Its always good to spend time with Grandpa!
Rhett and Bradley got new scooters for Christmas
Addy is amazed!