Monday, January 31, 2011

First Haircut!!!

Addy's hair was getting a bit out of control
So we finally decided to bite the bullet and take her for her first haircut!
Daddy helped with positioning the head during the vital "bang cutting" portion of the haircut.
We brought along a friendly bear and the stylist let her hold some of her tools to make her more at ease.

Complete freakout when the hair dryer came out.

But in the end, I think she liked the whole experience!

Skipping Holidays

Ok, I'm very far behind. Obviously. So I'm skipping pictures of Christmas and Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving at a great cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains with the Brockman side and we spent Christmas in Jacksonville with the Barnett side. We went to Christmas Eve service with Shawn's family and then had Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at his house with his family and Nana and Poppy. It was a great Holiday season but I'm too far behind to try and post those pictures (maybe I'll do some catch ups later). So moving on.....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Addy and I went up to DC before Thanksgiving to hang out with my family and to celebrate Rocket's 60th Birthday! Rocket introduced Addy to fall leaves.

Sarah came to join in the fun!
So they ganged up on her.
Much to Addy's delight!