Monday, October 4, 2010

Cousins, Aunt and JuJu....Oh my!

We loved having JuJu, Rachel, Rock and Louisa here for a week. Addy didn't have school so she hung out with them for the entire week while Kelly and I had to work. It was a huge help to us.
Little Louisa is getting cuter by the day
Whenever we say "guess who's coming to visit?", Addy's first answer is "Rock?" I think she misses him.


What should you do with 3 kids under 3 on an extremely hot day in August? Take them to Disney World of course!!!! "YOU'RE CRAZY", you say!

JuJu, Aunt Rachel, Rock, and Louisa came to visit us in August. On their way down, we met them in Orlando for a day at Disney. We figured, better take advantage of the free admission before Rock turned 3.
We figured we'd go when the gates opened and stay as long as they would last. But we had a secret weapon. I broke my toe the week before we went and the Doctor suggested I not walk on it all day (not that I could have if I wanted to). The wheelchair got us to the front of every line. With a few naps throughout the day, we lasted until the night time parade.
UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! Kelly and I have decided that if anyone in our family ever has an injury that requires a wheelchair or crutches, we're heading to Disney World. Its the only way to go!!!!