Sunday, November 28, 2010

GDS Fall Program

Addy's first school program was the Fall Harvest program. She's such a ham, we thought for sure she'd take right too it. Um, not so much.....
What are all you people doing here?
Thheeeerrrreee we go.....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two years old!

Its so hard to believe that she's two years old already! That has to be the fastest 2 years ever! She is quite the talker these days. I'll try to get a video to post. Here are a few more pictures from her birthday weekend!

Renzo enjoyed in the festivities too!

Birthday #2

On Addy's actual birthday, we had a Pooh themed extravaganza! (Sorta, we invited a bunch of adults over to watch the Gator game and threw in some cupcakes, gifts and singing) The adorable cupcakes were made by a co-worker in my office who does great work (she also did the ones for Birthday #1)Katherine came by to join in the festivities. Drew and Addy had a jam session. Woah! The wagon is a gift from Mommy and Daddy

I think she looked like the local homecoming queen, waving to all the kids in the neighborhood.
Thank you to Nana and Poppy for coming from Jacksonville and to all our friends for stopping by and the great gifts!

Birthday #1

While everyone was here, we had a birthday party to celebrate the shared birthday of Addy (2)and Rock (3). We kept with the Disney theme of the week.

One of these days I'll remember that red icing is not a good idea for toddlers (see last year's birthday)

Thanks to JuJu for the Pooh toys and the pretty cross-stitch for Addy's room!