Friday, November 14, 2008

Nana and Ribfest

Nana came to visit for Veteran's Day weekend. We did lots of exciting things, like go to Costco and Target. But the most exciting was Ribfest! We enjoyed good ribs, country music, and very interesting people watching.

And that's our cue to go...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jacksonville and meeting the family

Next stop, Jacksonville!

Three generations of Barnetts
Aunt Michelle has a way with babies!
Uncle Shawn really understands Addy.
Kelly shows Rhett and Bradley up in Twister.

Drive home and South Carolina

Addy did really well on the drive home. I think the hum of the road kept her asleep.

First stop, Columbia, South Carolina! Four babies born in the last year: (left to right) Kristen (Hudgens) and Walker Cason, Us, Elizabeth and McCrary Hudgens, Lauren and Reese Hudgens.

Dads (Greg and Jonathan Hudgens) trying to get everyone to look at the camera





Sunday morning pile on Elizabeth!


Aunt Rachel gave us a bunch of outfits to use for Halloween, we went with this subtle hat and onesie combination. Rock went trick or treating in Cokie and Rocket's neighborhood as a monkey (after the dog costume didn't work, see below).

Then we took too many pictures and everything imploded.

Patty and Trixie

Patty and Trixie Seaton came for dinner at my parent's house. Patty and her family lived across the street from us growing up. Its great to see our daughters together now.