Monday, October 27, 2008

More pictures of Addy

I think Addy's grown a lot on this trip. Here are just a whole bunch of pictures!
Addy is getting to flaunt all her winter wear while in Maryland. Sweater from Elsie Palacios, Thank you!This is the same outfit she wore home from the hospital. The hat fits!

This bassinet was my mom's when she was a baby and all my sisters and I slept in it when we were babies.

Outfit from Nana, mary jane socks from Jessie. Thank you!

Rocky D

I've really enjoyed spending time with my sister Rachel and her little boy, Rock while I've been in Maryland. Rock and Addy were born on the same day, exactly one year apart. He's super cute so I had to include pictures on my blog.
Rock is very into dogs right now so Rachel ordered him a dog costume for Halloween. Unfortunately, it didn't fit. Not even close. Rachel and I found it hilarious so we took lots of pictures.

Brockmans, Rabenhorsts, Hathaways, Fixes and Barnetts, oh my!

Growing up Bethany's family ate dinner one night a week with the Rabenhorst family. The families are still eating together. Bethany and Addy were lucky enough to be there for Sophie's (Annie Rabenhorst Hathaway's daughter) birthday. It was a princess extravaganza!

All of Addy's friends

After the wedding, Kelly flew back to Florida to work and Addy and Bethany stayed in Maryland with Bethany's parents (Cokie and Rocket, or whatever we're calling them). Addy has met so many new people on this trip! Here are a few:

Pappa Rocket
Uncle Fix
Aunt Rachel (and Addy went to Ledo's pizza for the first time, a Maryland institution) Aunt Susanna (babysitter extraordinaire)
Cousin Rock
Judy Rabenhorst
Aunt Valeta and Uncle Bob

JB2, October 18, 2008

The purpose of our trip north was to attend the wedding of Jessica Berrios to Jack Beldon in New York City.

Bethany and Jessie's dad, Wayne
Jack and his Mom.
Us with Wendy and Clayton. Friends we met through Jessie and Jack, who now live in Miami.
This is what happens when parents of a newborn are let out of the house for an evening.
I guess we were having to much fun because we took really lousy pictures. The wedding was really lovely and we had a great time. Congrats Jess and Jack!!

Addy's big adventure (and Kelly and Bethany's too)

We took the Auto Train from Orlando to DC to go to Bethany's friend Jessie's wedding in NYC (see next post). All in all the trip was lots of fun. We were the youngest people on the train by approximately 40 years (with the exception of a couple young families). We thought that the train makes up for the time it takes with great service. Everyone was super nice, definitely a social way to travel! We had our own sleeper compartment, attended the free wine and cheese reception in the lounge car and ate dinner in the dining car. Addy did pretty well the whole trip and the Baby Bjorn was a life saver. 17 hours later, we arrived, with our car in DC.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hanging out at the Casa

Well I've had a rough time trying to post lately. Addy's been quite the crier the last week. BUT we went to see a lactation consultant yesterday and I think we might have worked out some of the bugs (well I'm saying my prayers, so far, today has been pretty good). Anyway, here are some updated pictures, I'll try to put them in chronological order for those of you trying to see her change. Enjoy!!!
Kelly does not like this picture and I can't figure out why she looks so chunky!
Bonding with Dad on a Saturday morning so Mom could get some more sleep!


My mom came down from DC to meet Addy. I don't know if we've completely decided that Cokie is her grandma name or not but for now that's what we're using. Kelly managed to handle all of us first born women very well. Thanks for coming mom!