Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Additional birthday pictures

The adult cake and the free cake to be destroyed.

Uncle Shawn is so interesting!

Addy trying to out "run" Rhett

Bradley is hilarious!

Birthday wardrobe

Every girl should be appropriately dressed for a party. Thanks Nana!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Addy's 1st Birthday!!!!

Addy's 1st Birthday, celebrated at Nana and Poppy's...

...the cousins warming up for the party...

... and Bradley loved the hats....

...Addy, not so much...

... but she liked the cake.

I mean loved the cake...

... LOVED the cake.

ps... Renzo liked it too. :-) Happy Birthday Addy!!!

Updates From the Barnett Keys Trip

...A Wonderful Vacation with the Barnett Family.

GREAT trip with the whole family! Thanks to Nana for coordinating!

The New and Improved Shark Boy. Lava Girl not included.

Bradley.... waiting....

... and patience pays off! 35lb Wahoo. (Shawn helped)

Kelly fishing bare-handed.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One year old!!!!

Can't believe Addy is a year old! Its been a fun and exhausting year. Here are some shots on her actual birthday. She's quite the mover and shaker these days. She's walking everywhere and I'm sure, will be running before we know it!

Birthday party Numero Uno

This lucky little girl got to celebrate her birthday twice!!!! The 1st was on our trip to Maryland. Addy and her cousin Rock share the same birth date. She didn't really have any clue what was going on but stuck her hand in the cake. Just like she should have.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Brockman Crab Feast 2009

One of my favorite things about Maryland summers are Maryland Crab feasts. Sitting outside with family and friends, tearing into these poor, delicious, creatures and watching the fireflies. Awesome.

These guys (and Kelly who is taking the pictures) are the ones that usually finish off the rest of the crabs. You notice that all the women have left the table.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Terrorizing the streets of DC

Dad took us, Sarah, Ron, Zuni, and Fix on a segway tour of DC. I thought this might be a boring and very hot excursion since we basically grew up around these sights. Boy was I wrong! We had a great time. These machines are fascinating and much easier to use than I thought they would be.

They let these people take out their segways?

Of course the Brockman girls all got matching helmets.

My segway name.

Ben's Chili Bowl

Ben's Chili Bowl is a Washington institution but yet Sarah and I had never been! We all got the chili half smokes and Rock and Addy split a hot dog. Very yummmy!

Addy's first plane ride

'So, how does this thing work?'

She was VERY good on the plane. She was so interested in all the people and the food we constantly fed her, I don't think she really realized what was going on.

The Keys with the Barnetts

We were lucky to be able to take a quick getaway with the Barnett clan in Marathon. We stayed at the fabulous Tranquility Bay Resort (highly recommend to everyone, especially families). The guys got to fish a couple times and the girls got to lay around by the pool and condo.

Rhett caught this fish off the dock right outside our condo.

Addy's learning the joy of a foot massage early in life.

As we were leaving the Keys, Rhett, Bradley, Kelly and Shawn took a kayak trip.


My apologies for the lack of updates on this blog. Keep tuning in, I promise to post some stuff before Addy's first birthday.